Kilted Scotch Eggs


With Easter comes our fabulous Kilted Scotch Eggs – the ultimate Easter surprise!

Kilted Scotch Eggs – our annual must-buy for all fans of the Easter Egg – are an indulgent treat with over 300g of fudgeyness.

We’re starting with three flavours for you all but watch this space as we introduce three more EGG-citing concoctions!

Choose From:

  • Kilted Scotch Creme Eggs
  • Kilted Caramel Scotch Eggs
  • Kilted Rainbow Scotch Eggs

Handmade in the Highlands of Scotland

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Kilted Scotch Eggs... Scotch Eggs like you've never seen them before... well, unless you've bought ours in the past! With over 300g of fudgeyness, you can indulge yourself, or treat a loved one to a lip-smackingly tasty treat.

An annual special on the Kilted Fudge calendar, our Kilted Scotch Eggs are the epitome of Easter gifts.

  • Kilted Scotch Creme Eggs - The Original - a Cadbury Creme Egg rolled in our deliciously creamy vanilla fudge and topped with a Cadbury's Twirl and a wee drizzle of chocolate.
  • Kilted Caramel Scotch Eggs - a Cadbury Caramel Egg rolled in our super-tasty caramel fudge topped with vanilla fudge, a chocolate caramel nougat bar and a wee drizzle of chocolate.
  • Kilted Rainbow Scotch Eggs - a Cadbury Oreo Egg rolled in our fabulous fruit salad fudge and drizzled with white chocolate.

Handmade in the Scottish Highlands.

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Kilted Scotch Egg Flavour

Caramel Egg, Creme Egg


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